Data is the new currency. Data enables you to verify, quantify and validate your assumptions behind whatever products or services you offer. It empowers you to decide which hills to fight for and which ones to just let go. The more you know about your business and customers, the better decisions you can make. Grow data-driven insights and build customer loyalty. You can track competitors and get your own performance data over time to make informed decisions.

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Everyone is always talking about how important data is, but very few people actually use it strategically to drive action. That’s a huge…

Data Science is an incredible force driving today’s businesses. Almost all organizations attempt to harness the power of Data Science in deploying an efficient strategy, finding valuable insights, making appropriate decisions, and optimizing resources. With the increase in the relevance of Data Science, industries have come up with several different and singular roles for data science enthusiasts to enhance their growth. The emergence of such roles has paved the way to success in many areas of multiple fields. One such role is that of a Data Architect, also called a Big Data Architect, highly relevant in the contemporary world. The…

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Over the years, the scope of data, data science, and machine learning engineering has increased manifold. Most of the fields have undergone a paradigm shift. What follows is increased recognition of Data management, leading to a rise in the demand for one of the most significant roles in any industry, a Data Engineer. Data Engineering is one of the most dominant data science career options in the world of data science today. Most data science and machine learning engineering enthusiasts are aware of a data scientist’s role. Likewise, Data Engineers play a crucial role. …

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Python is the most widespread and popular programming language in data science, software development, and related fields. The simplicity of codes in Python, which helps learners avoid any confusion, is the key to this popularity. Python has constantly been developing, and it keeps getting updated for more ease in using. With 137,000 plus libraries and tools, Python has always provided its users with the solutions to problems of any complexity level. This reason makes Python the ideal language for Data Science operations. This article focuses on some of the essential and must-learn libraries in Python used heavily by Data Scientists…

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The dilemma around deciding the must-know programming language, Python or R, for Data Science has existed for a long time. Experts list out multiple reasons for the significance of both. However, one can observe that only one of both languages needs to be adequately learned by an aspiring Data Scientist. Though Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and data-driven innovation use both languages to predict the future based on data, each language has its pros and cons. This article will examine Python and R, their advantages, similarities, usage and differences, limitations, Job popularity, etc., to obtain some conclusions.

If you want to…

Machine Learning and Data Science — these are the phrases that are always seen to be used in consonance. Both are modern viral technologies that are advancing at a rapid rate today and are interdependent. This article will address Machine Learning, the interdependency of Data Science and Machine Learning, their differences, and their importance.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a method used in data analysis that systematizes model building and extracts knowledge from data. It is also known as Predictive Analysis or Statistical Learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence built on the concept of systems learning and observing patterns from…

The cost of an MBA program can play a crucial factor in deciding which university to apply to. Students often opt for the most cost-effective choices. Here is a list of the top business schools in Australia for an MBA course to help aspirants get the best courses at an affordable price:

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James Cook University

QS Rank (2021): 462

Students at James Cook University are equipped to present complex business analyses and information appropriately to different audiences using effective oral presentation skills and fluent written communication. Graduates are prepared to critically analyze complex contemporary business issues using appropriate models and make reasoned recommendations…

With globalization on the rise, studying overseas has become more critical than ever. If you’re considering studying abroad, be prepared to learn some fantastic things beyond your classroom. Here are a few ways an international stay can benefit your career and beyond:

World-class Training

One reason you should go for a study abroad course is for the chance to explore myriad styles of education. By enrolling in an international program, you’ll have an opportunity to see a side of your host country that you may not have discovered at home. You’ll realize that completely immersing yourself in your host country’s education system…

In an increasingly competitive academic atmosphere, figuring out the right university to apply can become a confounding task. The fee charged plays a critical role in deciding which option is most affordable to a student. Waivers may be a discount on the tuition fee applicants could use to disburse for an academic year. The percentage of seats in institutions that offer these waivers varies from university to university.

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Here is a list of top international universities that offer waivers for Industrial Engineering:

Arizona State University

QS Rank (2021): 220

MS in Industrial Engineering

The industrial engineering MS program at Arizona State University equips…

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Most colleges charge a significant amount as application fees, and hence, they are something students take into account in their college search process. Fortunately, many schools, even ones with high application fees, offer waivers to students with financial need. Some of the top institutions that provide waivers for Computer Science courses are given below.

Texas A&M University

QS Rank (2021): 169

MS Computer Science

The Master of Science with a Computer Science major is designed to prepare graduate professionals to apply computing knowledge to organizations’ information requirements in business, government, industry, and education. The course helps develop, maintain, or manage complex computer-based information…

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I am a career counselor, and a study abroad mentor.

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